Ignacio Rodó always wanted to be a troubadour. Unfortunately, he was born several centuries late for that, so he had to resign himself to being a filmmaker instead.

The spaniard likes telling stories, creativity, irony, subtext, minimalism and humor on set, as well as lower case letters.

Since directing his first short film in 2007, he has experimented with all possible ways to tell a story, which led him to direct for all kinds of formats, screens, and even stages. The only thing he has never done in a shooting is acting, and in the world's best interest he has promised to himself that he will never try.

His work has won more than 100 awards and has been selected for more than 700 international film festivals (including several Oscar qualifying), where his style has been called experimentally commercial. This statement confuses and excites him at the same time.

When he realized giving awards is as satisfactory as getting them, he started serving as a jury member in different festivals, including Filminute in 2015; Crominute, Underexposed and Meters in 2016; Short of the Year in 2018; and Free Speech in 2020.

Last and least, he has a hard time writing bios, but he gathered his courage to write this one.


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